General information

Grodno State Medical University is a universally recognized medical
research center in the Republic of Belarus. Grodno State Medical
University was founded in 1958. It keeps a prestigious place among other
the medical higher educational establishments of Belarus. High quality
teaching guaranties students’ high level of theoretical knowledge as well as
practical skills and experience. Thousands of graduates have already
experienced high quality of medical education obtained in the Grodno
State Medical University. Currently more than 3881 students attend classes
at the university, among them 531 international students from 30 countries
worldwide including foreign students from including India, Pakistan,
Maldives, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Canada, Libya, Siriya, Abu Dhabi,
Turkmenistan, China, Africa, and Vietnam and more..

The University provides with all the necessary well equipped experimental
and clinical facilities for training high qualified specialists. The scientists
and scholars of the university have specialized in solving diagnostics
issues and treating a wide range of surgical and internal disorders. The
university works in collaboration with educational and research centers of
Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries. It organizes annual scientific
and piratical conferences on various medical issues.

Educational process

All overseas students of the Grodno State Medical University study at the
Faculty of General Medicine can study 6 Years in English Medium. Grodno
State Medical University is the First University which started English
Medium Medical program in Belarus and the only university which conduct
total 6 years All the Theory, Exams and Lectures in English Medium
Medicine (MD) program in Belarus. Also the lectures and teacher are fluent
in English.

The Russian-language training includes to the syllabus in addition. The
English language training implies that students get education in English
and acquire good knowledge in the Russian language only for
communication with patients at the Hospitals.

After graduation from the University the graduates are granted
International Degree and are conferred the title of the MD. In addition, the
University provides the possibility of post-graduate education - Clinical
residency and Post-graduate doctoral course (PhD) in various medical

Other Faculties: Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Medical Diagnostics,
After completion of General Medicine MD program students can get
admission in

Clinical residency and Post-graduate training in 20 specialties:

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine,
Gastroenterology, Dermatovenereology , Infectious diseases, Cardiology,
Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Rehabilitation Medicine,
Phthisiology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology,
Ophthalmology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Urology, Pediatrics,
Surgery, Therapy

Clinical Facilities and Hospitals of the University

The University works with joint collaboration with 7 Government
Hospitals and Clinical centers of the city. All the hospitals are well-
equipped with all necessary facilities for students to obtain practical

Library and Computing Facilities

Grodno State Medical University has one of the biggest medical libraries in
the country. It includes over 420000 copies of textbooks as well as various
supplementary materials, CDs, medical journals, periodicals. The library
contains a large number of books and scientific journals in all branches of
knowledge both in English and Russian and in other foreign languages.
The annual accessions amount to 6 - 8 thousand copies, more than 170
academic periodicals are regularly subscribed to.

The library is connected to the Internet and offers on-line access to the
biomedical database, digital catalogues, and also uses up-to-date
informational technologies that allow diversifying render services.

In the University library there are lots of comfortable reading rooms,
Catalogue room, and Computer equipped room providing free access to all
world information resources, The Interlibrary Subscription department, The
Educational Literature department, Fiction and arts department,
Information and bibligraphy department and the Social and Legal center
attached are available. The students can work at the Internet Center with
personal computers providing a high-speed access to Internet resources.

The students and academic staff can use such databases and links as:

•   full-text database of Wiley;       
•   Ovid;
•   Springer;                                          
•   EBSCO Publishing;
•   Cambridge University Press;   
•   Electronic medical library “Doctor’s Consultant”

Hostel and Canteen

There are 4 student hostels next to the main building of the university and
its 5 minutes walk distance to the main building of the University. They can
accommodate 1840 students. Two of the buildings are of flat type example;
two rooms with attached restroom bathroom and toilet and a kitchen. All the
hostels are fully Furnished and includes unlimited Gas, Electricity, Hot and
Cold water.  The hostel rooms and the entire buildings are centrally
heated. Normally two students share one room. There are separate
arrangements for both boys & girls.

At the dining room foreign students are able to prepare their own national
food. Foreign TV channels are available as well. The hostel maintenance
personnel keeps the students’ hostels clean on the daily basis and make
all the students comfortably living in the hostel strictly follow the rules and
regulations. Alcoholic drinks and smoking are strictly forbidden in the
There are comfortable Students’ canteen offers a rich variety of tasty
dishes to fulfill all the International students’ food dietary needs and the
canteen has a deserving reputation among other canteens of the city. The
University canteen was awarded the title of “The Best Trade Object of the
Social Catering” (among municipal universities). University canteens
provide students healthy and balance diet to keep them physically strong
while experiencing higher education in GSMU.


The University pays much attention to students’ sports activities. It is
organized at the Department of Physical Training and Sport. The sport club
“Medic” coordinates all the sports activities of the University. It is very
important to keep students physically and mentally strong.
The University has good sports facilities: large gyms, wrestling training
room, running track.
The main sports activities are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football,
athletics, draughts, chess, swimming, eurhythmics, judo, badminton, table
tennis, arm wrestling, power lifting, kettle bell lifting, and bodybuilding.
Sports teams of the University participate in different regional and republic
sport competitions and obtain remarkable results.
The training process is organized by the qualified staff, among them: S.F.
Sudak - Master of Sports in athletics, a world record breaker; N.V. Lunkina
– the World Champion on poliathlon among veterans, the Referee of the
Highest Qualification, the prize-winner of USSR championships; P.P.
Kachnovich – the prize-winner of USSR race walking championships.


Student club is a student centre for arts and leisure activities.
Today more than 600 talented boys and girls are members of different
clubs. Among them there is a folk singing studio "Zaranitsa", a folk dance
theater "Alma Dea", a pop singing studio "Ovation", a theater of fashion
"Perfection", KVN festivals, and others. Clubs of amateur performances are
frequent winners and laureates of numerous regional and national contests
and festivals of student arts.

The University has several public organizations such as Belarussian
Republic Youth Union, Belarussian Medical Trade Union, Students’ Self-
government, sorority house, political club, literary cenacle “Catharsis”.

Students have the opportunity to celebrate all their own national, cultural
and religious festival with University administration, professors all the
foreign students together. Usually most of the festivals such as Dewali,
Sinhala & Hindu New year, Buddhist festival Vesak, Islamic festivals,
Christmas and many other festivals are celebrating yearly. Students will
feel more like home in Grodno.  
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