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Medicine is the noblest profession and the ideal path for a clever, kind,
talented and sympathizing person to enter.
Vitebsk state medical university could become for you a perfect starting
point in the beginning of a new prestigious career. It has a log history and
profound traditions, huge strive for progress and significant creative and
intellectual potential of the working staff. All this allows us to state
confidently and without any doubt: in medical science and education of the
21st century we shall take a worthy and merited place.

The system of higher education in Belarus is well formulated, advanced
and at par with the western countries. Its standard with progressive and
sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches has gained
global recognition and are considered to be a one of the best in the world.
Education of a doctor and pharmacist  demands many skills in self –
education ,steady persistence and immutable aspiration to master higher
levels of knowledge and skills in he indicated speciality.In this connection
we give special attention to introduction of the new advance and effective
educational technologies, improvement of information supply of
educational process, development of postgraduate forms of  medical
education and to expansion of contacts between specialists and
universities of the neighboring countries.
Vitebsk State Medical University is rated  high in the world-rating systems ,
its degrees are recognized by world health organization(WHO),educational
commission for foreign medical  graduates(ECFMG,Philadelphia,US),
Lithuanian Center for Quality  Assessment in Higher Education (Lithuania),
Ministry Of Education and Higher Learning(Republic Of Lebanon),
Federation Credentials,Verification Service(FCVS,Dallas,US),Medical
council Of India,Sri Lanka,Ireland etc

Belarus… If translated, the name means “White Russia’’. A tender and
poetic name that befits this country in the best way .”White’’ in this case,
means clean, air and innocent. Perhaps, this is one of the few remaining
places on our planet where one can see the amazing miracle of the
untouched nature. It is surprising that right here in the very center of
Europe time seems to have considerably slowed down its pace. People
remain human and values stay eternal. Belarus is an island of calmness in
the swirl of seething time, a place of wise harmony of the body and soul.
Quite, benevolent and very friendly city of Vitebsk  gains your favor and
attention from the very first sight. Vitebsk  is one of the oldest and most  
ancient  towns in Belarus, it stretches on both  banks  of the river Western  
Dvina and has a very picturesque  and glamorous site. Vitebsk  today is a
major industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Belarus. It has a lot of  
colleges  of  different  structure and type ,4 of them are establishment of  
higher education.

Educational processes are organized at 58 departments, where 60 doctors
and 181 candidates of sciences, including 39 professors and 145
associates’ professors, work.
The educational departments are equipped with modern automatic
apparatuses for training, sets of plastic models and phantoms, complex
medical-diagnostic equipments. The teaching is supported with skilled
pedagogical experience, highly-qualified research activity and great
academic means of training. Ratio and 3 –stage system of student’s
knowledge assessment is used at the university,(computer testing,
practical skills and interview).
To improve the quality of teaching educative-industrial pharmacy, dental
clinic, and control-analytic laboratory were created where students are
able to put the accepted knowledge into practice.
Clinical bases 0f the universities are the majority of city clinics containing
necessary modern medical-diagnostics equipment. Total bed fund of
clinical department is 4 200 beds. The main clinical bases of the university
the Regional clinical hospital, Regional Oncological Health Centre, Hospital
of Emergency Medical Health, Regional Children Clinical Hospital, VSMU .
Clinic and others .
The unique electronic library in the republic of Belarus was founded in
VSMU in 2003.The center is equipped with new computer equipment high
Internet speed connections. Teaching staff and student are given access
to materials of  scientific medical department, data bases “Medicines’’
(Russia), “Medline” (The USA) “international Pharmaceutical Abstracts”
(the USA)etc.
There are 14 scientific-pedagogical schools in medical-biological, clinical,
pharmaceuticals disciplines at VSMU which make a valuable contribution in
to contemporary medical and pharmaceutical science and practice
development in the republic of Belarus and CIS countries .Students
scientific society has rich tradition and wide experience in the field of
young scientist preparation.
The scientific activity of VSMU is carried out in the following perspective
scientific directions: field and extreme medicine, surgical diseases,
prophylaxis of alcoholism, drug addiction and psychosomatic diseases,
internal diseases; organization management and economy of health care
The university edits scientific practical magazines “News of surgery”,
“Bulletin of pharmacy”, “immunology, Allergology, Infect logy”, “Bulletin of
VSMU”, “Maternity and Childhood Protection”, published in large addition
newspaper “Medvuzovets .

In 1981 by the decision of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public
Health Services of the USSR Vitebsk State Medical Institute was the first in
Belarus to receive the right of training medical staff for foreign countries.
With in 25 years of the Overseas Students Training Faculty existence
1250 doctors and pharmacist have been prepared and now they are
working successfully in 110 countries of the world.

The time-frame of academic year are strictly regulated. It is divided into
two semesters: Autumn semester: September –January Spring semester:
February – July. The training process in each semester is carried out
according to the certified program & includes the precisely established
number of disciplines to other semester are not allowed.
Foreign citizen are offered two forms of training: Russian Medium and
English Russian Medium (General Medicine only).The curriculum of both
forms of training is the same accept the language of instruction.
Educational process is organized on the basis of traditional European
curriculum which includes lectures, seminars, laboratory at practical
classes. Studying clinical subjects is organized in the forms of cycles (1 -3
weeks each).

A foreign student will be admitted to the basic course of training after
completing Preparatory Training Course in which he studies Russian and
other basic subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

(First 3 years in English Medium & Final 3 years in Russian Medium)
Preliminary testing is biology, chemistry and English is foreseen and the
required result should be no less than 50% in each subject.
All the disciplines are taught  First 3 years theory, exams and lectures  
conducts in English Medium and Final 3 years all the theory, exams and
lectures will conducts in Russian Medium.

POSTGRADUATE TRAINING (Russian Medium)       
Knowledge of Russian is required. The graduates make continue there
medical education in clinical  residency or post graduate training course in
large number of specialist (Surgery,Pediatrics, Cardiology, Urology,
Oncology, Traumatology etc.) Training in clinical residency is carried out
according to the educational programme approved by the ministry of
Health and lasts 2-4 years. It includes theoretical and practical aspects.
After completing the course a clinical resident received the certificate.

Post graduate training course lasts three years .Research work is
conducted individually or in groups of young scientists from various
university departments. A post- graduate student passes examination and
after graduation defends a thesis.

Hotel to VSMU University distance is about in 30 minutes traveling by bus.
After being admitted to the University each student is provided with a place
in hostel, consisting of dwelling blocks each of them includes 2 double
occupancy rooms, an attached kitchen, bathroom and WC. The standard
accommodation fee is 600 USD place/per year, but it may be increase
depending on the size of the room. There are gyms, international club,
canteen, cafes, rooms for rest, computer clubs the hostels. The
reading halls work through out the night. The atmosphere in the hostel is
friendly and collegian, with the strong feeling of community and harmony.

During the educational day students may visit the canteen or the café
where they can have a meal or a hot drink.
Off course every   nation has its particular national Cuisine and though
one will hardly find here famous Indian sweets Gulab Jamun or appetizing
KUS-KUS so much loved by the Arabs, there is a very rich
Assortment and choice of tasty and delicious from fish, flour and diary
products at very reasonable prizes.

Cultural life in the university is multinational in character. Every year there
are several sports programme organized: cricket tournament, chess
competition, football championship and other sport events. The immense
number of culture festivals and celebration, which take place all year long,
demonstrate international cultural diversity. The feasts; faculty day’s
national student union holidays with the wide range of cultural activities
present a perfect chance for foreign students to display their skills and

The variety of Belarussian countryside and landscapes offer many
intrusting excursion traveling tours around the country to all tastes
(Braslav lakes, Mir and Nesvizh castle, etc.)Student may enjoy this kind of
activities all year round.

The University maintains a strong partnership between parents and the
collage. For parents’ convenience and peace of mind the administration
staff communicates with parents whatever possible, by phone fax and e
mail to keep them abreast of their children’s performance.
Vadzim V. Prystupa (Head of International
Department, PhD, Assoc, Professor) and
Mr B.Danushka Cooray (BE.Eng-Aeronautical, Chairman
of RCHE & Representative of the University for
foreign students).

Preparatory Training Course.
General Medicine Pharmaceutical Faculty.
Stomatological Faculty.
Overseas Students Training Faculty.
Post-Graduate Training Faculty.
Faculty of Pedagogic and  Psychology of Higher School.
Duration Of
The cost of education
academic year
Preparatory Training
Course (Russian Medium)
8-10 months
2 000 $
General Medicine MD
(First 3 years in English &
Final 3 years in Russian
6 years
4 300 $
(First 3 years in English &
Final 3 years in Russian
5 years
4 200 $
(Russian Medium)
5 years
3 500$
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