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The university system in Italy is closer to that of the United Kingdom than
to that of the United States. Students concentrate on one subject
throughout their degree, and so the academic major system does not
apply. However, sometimes a university can offer different
undergraduate courses, each specializing in a different sector of the
same subject. For example, in Psychology some courses are more
geared toward Cognitive Psychology, others more toward Clinical
Psychology, Social Psychology or perhaps Psychology of Work or
Evolutionary Psychology. A typical year in an Italian university is divided
into two semesters. Courses last no more than a semester and
examinations are held at the beginning of the academic year
(September), the middle of the year (mid January to the end of
February) and at the end of the year (mid May to mid July). Grades are
expressed on a scale from 1 to 30, with 18 being the
minimum required to pass an examination. At the end of each "tier"
(Laurea and Laurea Specialistica) there is a final exam, often requiring
the exposition of a thesis or dissertion that can be based on original
experimental work by the student, or on a review of academic literature.
The final grade is determined by means of a
weighted mean of the grades of the single courses, usually converted to
a scale running from 1 to 110. Since the minimum grade to pass an
individual examination is 18, the minimum overall grade is 66. To this is
added some points for the dissertation (ranging to 3-4 to 7-12). If the
overall score (mean of examination grades plus dissertation points) is
more than 110, then a degree cum laude can be awarded.
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