Chance to Success & RCHE  is a Friendly, Helpful and One of the Best
Educational Consult which can carry you to your Destination. We have the
ability make your carrier dreams come true.

Chance to Success & RCHE was establishing on 2002 as “Russia Center
of Higher Education”, based on Russian Government Federal Education
Universities. Since 2002 RCHE became popular very fast with the
students for giving High quality dependable service and advice. Chance to
Success & RCHE services make people so confidence and won the
people trusted hearts.

Since 2005 many European partner Universities join with Chance to
Success & RCHE from different countries and that gives RCHE strength
to step forward. Presently we represent 7 European Countries including
Russia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Australia, Armenia and
more than 40 Government and Nongovernmental Universities.

RCHE is now named as "Chance to Success" & “RCHE Overseas Higher
Education”. We have our branch offices in India, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.
Also we have our representatives in all over Asia to consult students.  Also
you will get our services through internet. You can apply through internet
and our “step by step guide” will assist you as you’re in our office and even
if you have any questions you can contact us and we will advice you in all
the way.
From the day that you submit your application from until you complete you
degree Chance to Success & RCHE will be with you. Advice you, guide
you in every step you take in your Academic life.  

Chance to Success & RCHE represents all the Best World Recognized
Universities to give you a world class degree. We will guide you to select a
Degree course, University and a Country for your need. After completing
our Degree we will offer you list of Job vacancies so you will get the
opportunity have work experience and use what you have learned. During
the period you study, you can apply for the citizenship for the above
country your studying or employee visas after completing the graduation.
Chance to Success & RCHE have representatives in each and every
university to help you for all the matters and legal help. Also we will provide
you accommodation, Health insurance and all the facilities to make you
comfortable and feel like home.

It’s time to add some excitement to your life and journey to a place where
things are different. Congratulation!!! You have taken the right way. This
will boost your life to achieve your target.
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