How safe is RCHE
From the time you submit your
application, RCHE team will be
with you every step of the way
as you make important
RCHE offers “On Hand” visas
& excellent visas consultancy
to arrive to your destination
From the time you submit your application for your overseas studies
until the time you board your plane, the “RCHE” & "Chance to
Success" team will be with you every step of the way as you make
important decisions about your study abroad experience. After your
arrival at your chosen destination, “RCHE” & "Chance to Success"
Student Services staff will work diligently to help you feel welcome
and secure in your new environment so that you can excel
academically and develop new friendships as part of your
international education.

The high standard of service to which you've become accustomed
throughout the planning stages of your journey will continue
throughout your study term. “RCHE” & "Chance to Success" works
closely with all University Directors to assist students in any
emergency situation. Health and accidental emergencies are
covered by the comprehensive Student's insurance package
included in the cost of the program. In the event of an emergency
demanding medical attention, hospitals are accessible 24 hours a
day. We encourage you to contact us if you are concerned about
your(or your student's) safety or welfare.

You can contact us by our hot line phones, online chat, e mails and
faxes. We assure you we are working hard to assist all students to
be safe. Congratulations on your impending overseas study! We
hope that the experience is both academically and personally
rewarding and that you return to Europe with a larger sense of the
world and of yourself as a citizen of the world. Along with these best
wishes we should like to offer a few words of advice about making
your experience safe and relatively trouble-free. “RCHE” & "Chance
to Success" not only provide you list of opportunities but also
guarantee your safety until you return back to your home country.
“RCHE” & "Chance to Success" is the safest and trusted way to go
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