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The structure of the higher education of Ukraine was built up according to the
structure of education in the developed countries of the world as determined by
UNESCO, UN and other international organizations.

The higher education constitutes integral part of the system of education of Ukraine
as provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Education". It ensures the fun-damental
scientific, professional and practical training by the following educational and
qualification degrees: "Junior specialist", "Bachelor", "Specialist, Master".

The higher education is received in high educational institutions of the
respec-tive levels of accreditation on the basis of: basic general secondary
education, com-plete general secondary education and
educational-qualification degrees "Junior spe-cialist" and "Bachelor", as well as
"Specialist, Master" as postgraduate education.

Training of specialists in higher educational institutions may be carried out with the
interruption of work (daytime education), without interruption of work
(eve-ning, correspondence education), by the combination of these two forms, and
for cer-tain professions - without attending classes.

Admission of citizens to higher educational institutions is made on the
com-petitive basis according to skills and regardless of the form of ownership of an
educa-tional institution and sources of payment for education.

There are four levels of accreditation established pursuant to the status of higher
educational institutions:

* first level - technical school, vocational school and other higher
educa-tional institutions equated to them;
* second level - college and other higher educational institutions equated to it;
* third and fourth levels (depending on the results of accreditation) -
institute, conservatory, academy, and university.
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