Now more than ever, airport security is tight. You will have to check
for new updates and stricter requirements enforced by airports and
airlines. In this section we'll tell you how to do so. Chances are you'll
want to buy gifts for your family, but do you know what you can and
cannot bring back from your time abroad? No matter the country
from which you are departing or entering, it is important to
understand airport and airline safety and security, remembering to
cooperate with airport, airline and customs officials.

Showing Identification: Try to always have your passport easily
accessible, yet protect it against theft. Be prepared to show your
passport when presenting your airline tickets/receiving boarding
passes, entering departure gates, going through passport control,
when boarding flights, etc.

Carry-on Luggage: Check with your airline to find out its regulations
for what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on bags. Do not put
any sharp objects like nail scissors, razors, or pocket knives in your
carry-on. Such items may be considered a threat to safety and
could be taken away from you. Pack them in your checked baggage

Accepting Things from Others: Under no circumstances, should you
ever take anything from, or hold anything for, anyone who asks you
to do so. If anyone does ask you, simply say "no" and walk away.
Don't be afraid to say "no" to family and friends. You need to think
about the potential consequences before you hold anything for

Watching Your Bags: Your bags should be in your sight at the
airport up to point when you check them at the airline counter. Once
you have picked up your bags from baggage claim, and are on your
way to customs, be sure to keep a close eye on all your luggage so
that no one but you has access to it.

•        Random Baggage Searches: If you are stopped and asked to
open your luggage, cooperate with the customs officials. Customs
officials often conduct random baggage searches; just because
your luggage gets searched, doesn't mean you have done
something wrong.

•        Body Searches: Airport security officials may conduct random
body searches using an electronic device they wave over you. In
some cases, a security official of the same sex as you may conduct
a body search using his or her hands, and/or ask you to remove
your shoes for inspection.

•       Distractions: Airports are full of people carrying cash, travelers’
checks, credit cards, passports and other valuable documents.
Therefore, airports tend to be an active place for thieves. While your
attention is focused on checking in, boarding, getting your bags,
finding a restroom, etc., you can become an easy target for theft. Be
alert to anyone who suspiciously tries to distract you by asking
directions, knocking over your coffee, reaching under a bathroom
stall, etc.
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