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Stavropol State Medical Academy
(and largest city)
55°45′N, 37°37′E
Official languages
Russian official
throughout nation;
others co-official in
various regions

Prime Minister
federal republic
Vladimir Putin
Viktor Zubkov


862 AD

June 12, 1990

December 25,

Water (%)

6,592,800 sq mi
2006 estimate

2002 census

142,754,000 (8th)


8.3/km² (209th)
21.8/sq mi

Per capita
2006 estimate
$1.727 trillion

$12,096 (59th)
GDP (nominal)

Per capita
2006 estimate
$979 billion (11th)

$6,856 (59th
HDI (2004)
0.797 (medium)
Gini? (2002)
39.9 (medium)
Ruble (RUB)
Time zone
Summer (DST)
(UTC+2 to +12)
(UTC+3 to +13)
Internet TLD
Structure of Academy
                            General Information
    The Stavropol State Medical Academy was founded in 1938. Nowadays,
    after seven decades it is the largest educational, scientific and methodical
    center of medicine in the North Caucasus. About 4 000 Russian and more
    than 600 foreign students from 27 countries of the world are trained at its
    four faculties: General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry and Higher
    Nursing Education. In general, there are 7 faculties in the Academy
    including besides stated above, the Preparatory Course and the
    Postgraduate Faculty, and also the Faculty of Improvement of
    Professional Skills of teachers of medical schools and colleges.
    Our graduates – highly skilled experts who work in different places of our
    country and abroad are the trademark of the Academy. Many of them
    head scientific research institutes, laboratories, faculties and higher
    schools chairs. More than 30 thousand physicians have graduated from
    the Academy during the years of its existence.
    The Academy has a new modern scientific library, which numbers about
    500 000 copies of books and periodicals; it has its own editions, the
    Academy newspaper «Medicus» and a scientific-practical magazine.
    «Pulse of Medicine».
    Since 1961, our Academy has been training national medical staff for the
    countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, the countries of the CIS.
    Lecture-rooms, laboratories and libraries do not limit the student’s life.
    Academy has 4 students' hostels with 1826 places, a sports complex with
    a swimming pool, gyms and sauna. The Academy has its own sports camp
    on the Black Sea coast of the North Caucasus, where 240 people have a
    rest every year. In December 2004, the Ministry of Education of Russia
    has inspected all activity spheres of the Academy. According to the
    results of inspection the License (reg. # 1551 22.01.2004) and the State
    Accreditation Certificate (reg. # 1778 28.02.2005) were given. Beginning
    with 2005 English-speaking students from abroad are taught in English
    what enables them to begin studies without preliminary training at the
    Preparatory Course.

    The Stavropol State Medical Academy belongs to the 5 leading higher
    medical institutions of Russia and takes the 2nd place among the higher
    educational establishments of South Federal District. The activity of the
    Academy has been marked by high international award «Earthmaker»
    (determining the person of planet), which testifies belonging to community
    of world leaders of various industries, sciences, cultures and national
    health services. The Academy was awarded with the Diploma and the
    Gold Medal as the winner of the competitions «The European Quality» in
    the nomination of «100 Best Higher Schools», the Kannes Silver Medal
    «For Dynamic Development" and the title «Flagman of XXI Century«, the
    Gold Medal of International Biography Center and the Gold Diploma of
    World Sciences International Forum.
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