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internship, and volunteer
Tambov State Technical
University, TSTU
(and largest city)
55°45′N, 37°37′E
Official languages
Russian official
throughout nation;
others co-official in
various regions

Prime Minister
federal republic
Vladimir Putin
Viktor Zubkov


862 AD

June 12, 1990

December 25,

Water (%)

6,592,800 sq mi
2006 estimate

2002 census

142,754,000 (8th)


8.3/km² (209th)
21.8/sq mi

Per capita
2006 estimate
$1.727 trillion

$12,096 (59th)
GDP (nominal)

Per capita
2006 estimate
$979 billion (11th)

$6,856 (59th
HDI (2004)
0.797 (medium)
Gini? (2002)
39.9 (medium)
Ruble (RUB)
Time zone
Summer (DST)
(UTC+2 to +12)
(UTC+3 to +13)
Internet TLD
Online Career Day with KBC Group ICT.
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KBC Group ICT on Thursday, November 29th.
KBC Group ICT seek to attract young talented and motivated people with a
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In case you can’t arrange to be online on the 29th you will have the possibility
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More information

American employers are welcome to suggest placements to
Tambov State Technical University students.
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE ) is a world-leader in
cultural exchange services and language learning. It presents a wide variety of
exchange programs across the globe. Among them there are such programs
as "Work and Travel USA", "Camp America" and "Internship USA".

"Work and Travel USA" program - is a unique way for Russian students
to experience the "American way of life", while earning money to cover living
expenses and working alongside young Americans during their summer
vacation. These jobs are mainly in the tourism industry (waiter, bartender,
cashier, bookkeeper, sales and others).
Detailed information -

"Camp America" is the biggest and most well - known summer work
experience program in the world. Thousands of young people from all over the
globe work in American summer camps every year. "Camp America USA" gives
the opportunity to challenge yourself, make new friends, develop your skills
and explore a new continent. "Camp America" offers four choices of placement
- Camp Counselling, Special Needs Counselling, Campower and Resort
All necessary information is here:

Harvesting opportunity(HOPS) is a real chance for students who study
agricultural subjects and English as a part of their program to work on the
farms of Great Britain. Young people at the age of 18-25 can participate in this
program. Working period - 3-6 months (May -October), type of job -
strawberry, vegetables. Salary - 5,05 pounds per hour.

"Internship USA" program offers international students an opportunity to
complete a period of practical training in the United States related to their
course of study. Each participant is allowed to participate in an internship
program for a maximum of 12 months (18 months under certain
circumstances). The primary objectives of training are to enhance the
exchange visitor's skills in his or her speciality or non- speciality occupation
through participation in a structured training program and to improve the
participant's knowledge of American techniques, methodologies or expertise
within the individual's field of endeavor. Such training programs are also
designed to enable the exchange visitor trainee to understand better American
culture and society and to enhance American knowledge of foreign skills by
providing the opportunity for open interchange of ideas between the exchange
visitor and their American counterpart.

AU PAIR USA – is a program (started in 1986) for graduate students (girls)
of pedagogical and linguistic specialities. It gives an opportunity to live in one
of the American families for 1 year, look after their children and study in a
college. The family pays your college education, gives you pocket money 139
$ a week. Au Pair is a good way to improve English, see the country and
American traditions, meet new friends, earn some money and travel in the
United States of America.

Internships in Great Britain.The main goal of this program is to give
British working experience to international students and graduates in the field
of hotel industry and restaurant service. For four weeks students have a
professional training period in London, Eastbourne and other cities. The whole
period of internship is 22 weeks. The possible positions are receptionist,
house-keeping, waiter, kitchen staff. The salary is 4,85-5,10 pounds a week.
Finally trainees pass special exams and get NCFE (the National Council of
Further Education) or UCLES work experience certificate. Students of PR,
service and tourism, IT, management, marketing, design and finances are
welcome to this program.
International relations office of TSTU cooperates with "InterAir" agency -
Moscow provider of these programs.
Work Abroad
The Safest & Trusted Way To Study Abroad